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Smart Green Roller Waxing Kit

Smart Green Roller Waxing Kit

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About this item

  • Stable and Rapid Roll on Wax Kit: Stable heating, about 15 minutes of rapid wax melting , faster than the market roll on wax warmer melting wax. The wax machine adopts PTC rapid heating technology, which can heat the wax to the required temperature in a short time, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and safety.
  • Smart roll on wax kit: Smart wax warmer ,The wax can maintain a constant temperature of 140°F, which is the most comfortable temperature for skin rolling, without burning the skin.Light prompt and sound prompt, directly tell you the most suitable temperature for waxing.
  • High Efficiency Wax Roller: The waxing process is easier, more effective and more economical, and the wax roller can make the wax smooth and even application. The roller head is designed to hold and distribute the wax as it is rolled onto the skin.
  • Non-allergic Wax: reduces skin redness and irritation, is a Gentle wax made from natural materials and has been gently tested. The wax is clinically tested and evaluated for skin safety to ensure it is safe for the majority of the population.
  • Strong Adhesion: Keeping the skin smooth and bright for up to 4 weeks, it will hold tight to thick and fine hair and effectively remove hair above the roots, perfect for large area hair removal such as legs, back, chest, arms and underarms.
  • Super Easy to Use: waxing kit for women is convenient for every novice to use, rolling on the skin after heating directly after hair removal, simple accessories and clean without mess,includes the necessary accessories for hair removal, 1 smart roll on wax warmer, 2 wax roller, 1 after-wax treatment spray, 50 non-woven wax strips, and 1 instruction manual.
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Customer Reviews

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Wax Roller,Waxfans Roll on Wax for Hair Removal, Wax Roller Refill. I like using waxing or depilatory creams because the results last much longer than shaving and I don't have to deal with nicks/cuts around my knees and ankles. This was the first time for waxing and I will say it was pretty easy. I allowed the wax container to heat up in the warmer for 30 minutes prior to starting. I did a test roll on the strip to get the wax rolling and then on a leg. Everything worked great. Tips to include: Either work quickly and take breaks to plug the warmer back in to allow the wax to remain heated/liquid or get yourself an extension cord and keep it plugged in while you are working. The wipes or spray bottle is a solution that is very similar to baby oil, so you can always use some of that after you are done waxing. I was able to fully wax 2 legs and arms of an adult with 1/2 of a container of wax. How fast it grows back is an individual thing, but I know from the past that the hair grows back slowly after waxing and I usually have nearly a month of hair free living.

Amazon Customer

I’ve used the wax warmer bowl thingy and it’s a mess but it worked. I finally got sick buying sticks and having wax dripping everywhere and getting too hot. I finally caved and bought the roller. WAYYYYYY better and so much easier. I only wish the cord was longer or it stayed hot longer. I can wax a leg before I need to charge it again or keep it plugged in on an extension cord.

Jennifer Martinez

I am so happy that these fit inside the rechargeable wax warmer I had gotten. These refills should last you a few months, unless you're frequently waxing every week. I like to do it every two weeks as it gives my skin enough time to breathe. I am not a fan of this being a scented wax, I don't need my skin to be smelling like a candle. It is much easier to use than having to repeatedly buy sticks and strips.


It takes a while to warm up and you have to mix the wax to get it to work. Once it's going it works well though.

Yuri Mora

Roll on wax. Much easier and So much less messy than the wax pot I typically use. Not too much a fan of the scent but that’s just a preference. I’ll take it compared to the sticky mess I had before. Removes hairs fairly easy and painless. Any wax residue cleans off the wipes and with no issues. I do wish kit included more of the wax removal wipes.