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Wax Roller Refill 4 Pack

Wax Roller Refill 4 Pack

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Roll-on design for easy application, whether you are removing hair from large areas of the body or treating small areas, it can be done quickly!

High-quality roll on wax with strong adhesion completely pulls out hairs from the roots and keeps the skin smooth for a long time.

Wax rollers are formulated with a gentle formula and rosewater extract to moisturise the skin while removing hair.

easy to useeasy to use

Say Goodbye to Hassle


  • Step 1: Put the wax strip in the heater, turn on the power and wait for about 20 minutes to let the wax strip melt (liquid state), the wax warmer needs to be purchased by yourself.
  • Step 2: Just test rolling smoothly on the wax strip first.
  • Step 3: Apply to the skin in the direction of hair growth.
  • Step 4: Apply the wax strip to the skin and sweep it evenly along the hair with your palm.
  • Step 5: Pull the wax strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. (Do not wax repeatedly on the same area of the skin).
  • Step 6: Clean the area with After Wax Treatment Spray.

Usage issues

What if the wax roller does not roll out?

The first thing is to observe whether the wax melts into a flowing state, then test rolling evenly on the wax strip, and finally wax on the skin.

What is the correct rolling direction?

The correct rolling direction is the direction of the arc side of the wax roller. When rolling the arc side against the skin, the wax roller will be applied evenly on the skin.

How do I clean the remaining wax?

Using the Wax Removal Wipes will help to clean up the remaining residual wax and will also help to moisturize the skin.

How do I store the remaining wax roller?

Store the remaining wax roller sealed in a dry and cool place, not horizontally, but vertically so that it will not leak out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Wax Roller,Waxfans Roll on Wax for Hair Removal, Wax Roller Cartridges Refill. I like using waxing or depilatory creams because the results last much longer than shaving and I don't have to deal with nicks/cuts around my knees and ankles. This was the first time for waxing and I will say it was pretty easy. I allowed the wax container to heat up in the warmer for 30 minutes prior to starting. I did a test roll on the strip to get the wax rolling and then on a leg. Everything worked great. Tips to include: Either work quickly and take breaks to plug the warmer back in to allow the wax to remain heated/liquid or get yourself an extension cord and keep it plugged in while you are working. The wipes or spray bottle is a solution that is very similar to baby oil, so you can always use some of that after you are done waxing. I was able to fully wax 2 legs and arms of an adult with 1/2 of a container of wax. How fast it grows back is an individual thing, but I know from the past that the hair grows back slowly after waxing and I usually have nearly a month of hair free living.


These wax cartridges are amazing! These fit right into my wax warmer. Heat these up quickly and I'm good to go. The scent is very subtle and natural. I have been waxing for a while now and these make waxing super easy even for beginners. The wipes it comes with work very well to remove residual wax as well as soothe the tender skin, highly recommend you don't skip this step. All in all I am really pleased with these refills!


This roll on wax goes into a wax warmer that you already need to have. It goes on smoothly.


This works ok as far as roll on wax goes. Sometimes I get clumps or spots that don't seem to come off as well. But all in all, follow the instructions and the wax does the job. It's nice that they offer service and no hassle returns as well.

Angie W.

This full kit comes with everything I need to wax anywhere and everywhere on my body. I like that the wax is the same amount each time that comes out of it. No larger or smaller globs and then me trying to hurry up and smooth it out just for it to harden. I like the spray on after waxing spray too. I just recently went to waxing and seeing how easy this is to use makes it perfect for newbies like myself!