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Pink Waxing Kit With Led Display

Pink Waxing Kit With Led Display

All-In-One: 🧰 DIY kit for at-home self-waxing.
Hair Removal: 💇‍♀️ Effectively gets rid of unwanted hair.
Exfoliation: 💆‍♀️ Gently removes dead skin cells.
Eco-Friendly: 🌍 Reusable kit
Skin Care: 🧖‍♀️ Offers enduring, pleasant waxing experience

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Let's get to know the main uses of the following accessories

  1. Wax Heater:Used to melt wax beans and you can select the temperature you want for heating
  2. Wax Beads:Wax beans from nature, can be used for full body hair removal, easy to melt and easy to clean
  3. Silicone Bowl:Used when heating wax beans,can be folded at will, the wax can be easily removed when it becomes hard, clean up without trouble.
  4. Silicone spatula:Use when waxing, better than wooden sticks, recyclable and easy to clean
  5. Nose Waxing Sticks:For nose hair removal.
  6. After Wax Treatment Spray:Use after waxing to clean up the remaining wax and moisturize the skin to avoid allergies.

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Wax kit What's Included?

🎛️ Wax Warmer with digital display
🍲 Wax Warmer Silicone Bowl
🥢 Non-Stick Wax Spatulas for the Body
👁️ Eyebrow Non-Stick Stick
🔄 Silicone Mat
🔷 4 Wax Bean Bags in a Variety of Scents
🧤 Latex Gloves
🪵 20 Wooden Applicators for both Body and Eyebrows
📖 Our "Wax Like a Pro" Guide

  • 1️⃣ Pop your hard wax beads into the warmer

  • 2️⃣ Spread the melted wax on your skin

  • 3️⃣ Wait a few seconds for it to harden

  • 4️⃣ One swift pull and you’re done!

  • 5️⃣ Soothe your skin with the after-wax spray

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Empowered Waxing on Your Terms

Revel in the freedom of choice with Waxing Kit, boasting multiple wax variations to cater to your unique skin and hair type. This exceptional selection ensures your waxing routine is tailored to your specific needs for the best results.

Are You Ready to Experience the New Standard in Waxing?

"Imagine enjoying salon-quality, full-body waxing from the comfort of your home with our DIY waxing kit.

Have you ever wished for flawless, smooth skin that lasts for 6 weeks?

What if we told you, this is achievable for both men and women with utmost ease and comfort Isn't it time to redefine your grooming routine?"

Embrace the Customized Waxing Experience That Endures.

"Tired of speedy hair regrowth? Aren’t we all. What if we told you, there's more to waxing than just temporary smoothness?

Our DIY waxing kit doesn’t just remove hair, but it works with your unique hair growth pattern for long-lasting results.

Imagine fewer, slower-growing hairs over time. Your dream of enduring smoothness is no longer a far-fetched notion, but an achievable reality. Embrace the joy of lasting results tailored just for you."

Nature's Touch for Your Skin - Ideal for All Hair Types.

Can you imagine an all-natural waxing solution that loves your skin just as much as you do? One that's perfect for both coarse, thick hair or fine, soft hair despite their polar opposites.

Our DIY waxing kit is a love letter to your skin - dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and rosin-free, promising a celebration of smoothness without the post-waxing irritation or inflammations.

Picture yourself savouring the joy of hairless, silky smooth skin - a reality that's now within your grasp."

"Unveil Smoothness Across Your Body - From Head to Toe".

owning every inch of your soft, hair-free skin? Whether it's your underarms, legs, face, bikini area or chest,

waxing kit sidelines no zone. It celebrates the diversity of you: every curve, every edge, every part of your body. Get ready to take center stage with silky smoothness that isn't just limited to one area but felt all over.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Jhani Wishbone
Color makes it easier to spread evenly

Fairly standard waxing beads that melted easily in my pot. I normally use the traditional fleshy/orange wax but for some reason have a hard time getting a good wax distribution when spreading. It's easier to see where you're to heavy or light with the pink wax and that makes for a cleaner and more efficient removal process.

Wonder wax kit

I was very impressed with this little kit. Came with everything you need. You will just have to play around with temperature and consistency of wax to best suit you. I successfully waxed my entire body- Brazilian and all! Even my very first time- I followed the patterns that my old professional wax girl used to do on me- and learned some of my own tricks. It was easier than I thought. It is just as good if not better than going to the salon! Comfort of your own home- and you save money getting a professional wax every four weeks! Happy Waxing!


What is exactly in the kit for 39.95

jesse kaherl

These wax beads melt quickly and easily at a fairly low temperature. As is to be expected, it rips your hair out quite effectively, with as much pain as ripping out hundreds/thousands of hairs at one would induce

Meghin Sanchez

Loved these!!! They’re so good! Easy to apply and remove!